onsdag 10 april 2013


Oh my, what a blast we had! 
The whole trip was just wonderful (yeah, the ride back and forth from Stockholm was really long...) but we have had such a beautiful time. And the show was so much more than we could ever dream of. To meet the people who have posted on our FB page, bought our CDs and T-shirts and given Nubian Rose so much love and support! It was awesome! 
Here is a picture of one of my outfits and let me say that it was probably the one who made the greatest impression:)!
Thank you HRHAOR and the people of Rotherham to make this moment a moment to remember! 
UK, we love you!

söndag 7 april 2013

A day to remember

So, finally the day was here... The day that we longed for for so long... 
To entering The stage and meet the english audience. 
I must say, it blow me away, to see you all and hear you sing a long to our songs!
It almost took my breath away
hopefully this is the great start of a long love affair between Uk and Nubian Rose! Thanks for making this day a day to remember!!!

 / Sofia

fredag 5 april 2013


Today we´ve been to a music store and Christer has checked out the amps that he will bee playing on this weekend. And so to say try it out. 
And now, while I´m blogging he is changing his strings on two of his guitars. 
So I guess he is pretty much ready to go on stage:) haha. 

Tomorrow are we heading for Rotherham to meet up with the other guys of Nubian Rose, who´s flying in tomorrow. And later we´re going to have a rehearsal. It feels great to be able to tune in the band for Sunday. And do one last rehearsal before the gig. 
But I can assure you, WE ARE READY!!!

torsdag 4 april 2013

A fancy Goodnight

So, we crossed the water and now we're on English soil. As we came over we where thinking on staying at à classic Bed n' Breakfast, but what happend?!? We ended up at a fancy hotel overlooking the sea! Not bad! I will give you pictures tomorrow.

Goodnight England!
We're so happy to be here!
Can't wait to play for you!!!

onsdag 3 april 2013

On our way

So, finally we're on our way to England! While listening to Manic Street Preachers we're crossing Danmark on our way. This time it's me, Sofia who writes. I can't tell you how much I've longing to play for you, meet you, have a great time with you, you guys who give Nubian Rose so much love and support! Thank you!!! It's finally time to meet some of you. And the question is, are you ready?!?

tisdag 2 april 2013


We promised to write something on the blog every day up until the Hard Rock Hell festival this weekend. Tonight is was hard to get it done. It can be something like brushing your teeth at night, it's always something you feel too tired to doing, but it feels great when it's done... :)
Anyway, we are leaving tomorrow, or me and Sofia is leaving tomorrow. )The rest of the band are flying in on Saturday.)
 A lot of things to get ready, so that's why it felt like I didn't have time to write, but a promise is a promise.
The topic of today has been stage cloths. A very cool and great designer in LA was going to do some stuff for me. She promised to send it in time for our UK-trip. Did she do it??? NO, of course not. She went under ground and took my money with her. Hopefully I get a refund, but I wouldn't count on it...
So now I had to have something else made. I was desperate, had an idea and actually got it done. Now I have a cool vest with snake skin and red leather out on a jeans vest. It feels like a little bit of NWOBHM, but just a little bit more exclusive, maybe Judas Priest -82 meets something that Randy Rhoads would wear. Well, I don't know if you agree, but that's what I think anyway. I'm pleased and ready for the UK. Who of you are coming to the festival? It will be exciting to meet you!

Rock on,


måndag 1 april 2013


Working with the setlist for the show in England och Sunday, thousands of possible ways to do it. You want to open with a BOOM! But you don't want to open with your most popular track, or do you? What if half the crowd is at the bar buying beer, or waiting in line to get in? Should we open luke warm just because of that?!? Hell no! We will start at the top!

Ballads, important for dynamics, but energy killers if used wrongly. We need to work up the sweat and then take it down with some sensitivity. What if we get some sweaty, long haired men to cry, that would be cool! :D It won't happen if the ballads come to soon in to the set.

New songs?!? Yes, we have some great songs we are eager to share with all of you, but when would be proper to put them in to the set? "Tuff guys don't dance" is a party song and it should definitiv work... The sing along in "All your love" would suit the English who sing like crazy on every football game.... "Higher & higher"... a melodic champion made for the arenas, early or late in the set...?!?

The SET LIST, such an important thing, if you do it right you can spin any show. Wrongly made it can be a disaster...
To give something away, Nubian Rose will start with "Get Ready". We hope you enjoy it.